Maintenance and installation

Venturini Service srl offers a service for assistance, testing and maintenance which insures over the time the full efficiency and safety of your equipment: overhead, gantry, jib, nautical cranes as well as other lifting equipment, the risk of machine stops is reduced to a minimum.


Our assistance and maintenance services are:

  • Wide choice of maintenance contracts which can be adapted to the needs of the customer;

  • Highly qualified and specialized technicians, they are provided with all required safety and protection devices;

  • Mobile workshops with all needed tools, which are constantly updated;

  • Large depot of mechanical and electrical spare parts;

  • Immediate assistance in case of calls for machine breakdown;

  • Free rent of electric hoists, motors and/or gearboxes to allow for the overhaul and/or repair of breakdowns, to avoid the stop of production;

  • Complete respect of the safety regulations;

  • 45 years of experience in the world of lifting.

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Manutenzione gru e carriponte Verona
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We also offer:

  • Installation of overhead, gantry and jib cranes;
  • Disassembly of cranes with modification of the width, servicing, revamping, new painting, reinstallation and delivery of the CE certifications, as required by the technical regulations;
  • Withdrawal of used overhead, gantry, jib cranes on sales account;
  • Installations of electric inverters on existing machines;
  • Electric hoists and winches with rope or chain;
  • Ropes, chains, bands, hooks etc.

Our services of maintenance and installation

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