Jib Crane with shelf for wall installation or with pillar


1) CANAL PROFILE: made of bent and shaped sheet steel, inside which runs the carriage for the hoist. The “canal” version allows a maximum lightness for the rotation, due to the special profile.

2) BEAM PROFILE: made with a steel beam which can be IPE or HEA, ideal for higher loading capacities.


SELF BRAKING DEVICE: with band brake which can be regulated, for an even rotation of the jib.

ELECTRIC SYSTEM: the power supply to the crane is made through a hanging flat cable which runs on the entire length of the jib, with own supports. The connection to the power line takes place through a power switch which is placed on the pillar or on the wall, for the shelf type.

LIFTING DEVICE: includes the hoist and the carriage.

ELECTRIC HOIST KITO with chain, one or two speeds, for capacities from 125 kg to 2000 kg. Including electric system, pushbutton panel and chainbag.

CARRIAGE for the movement of the hoist, by hand or electric.

ROTATION FIELD: 270° for the wall cranes and 300° for the pillar cranes.

ROTATION: by hand or electric.

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