Vista laterale gru a bandiera Venturini Service

Jib Cranes

Canal Profile made of bent and shaped sheet steel. The “canal” version allows a maximum lightness for the rotation, due to the special profile.

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Bilancini di sollevamento carica container all'interno dell'azienda

Device for loading slabs inside a container

Our device for loading slabs inside a container is built of sheet steel, with bracket, hooks to attach the slabs and load them in the container. Provided with a counterweight to balance the whole structure.

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Cavallette Portalastre Venturini Service Verona

Support with crossbar to move slabs

The movement within the yard and the loading/unloading of packs of slabs is done in only one loading cyclus, avoiding multiple movements and thus allowing a saving of means and personnel.

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Gru Nautiche Venturini Service Verona

Boat Cranes

All the Boat Cranes models can be built with different measures, according to the needs of the customer. On request we can design and build also cranes with higher capacities.

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Paranchi Sollevamento

Lifting Accessories

We offer all the accessories needed for the lifting equipment: Ropes and chains; Lifting Hoist; Radio controls, Vacuum lifters; Electronic dynamometer.

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Gru Cavalletto Venturini Service Verona

Second-hand and inspected machinery

We offer second-hand or inspected lifting equipment and accessories.

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