Lifting Accessories

We deliver to the customer all accessory parts which are needed for the operation of lifting equipment, such as:

  • Steel ropes, hooks and chains made of galvanized steel with high resistance for any kind of usage;
  • Lifting hoists with capacity from 200 to 50.000 kg, according to the Machine Directive 2006/42/EU and available in various variations in order to satisfy any requirement (single or dual rail trolley, lifting height and lifting-translation speeds can be chosen as needed); lifting spreader bars;
  • Radio controls which can be adapted to any requirement;
  • Vacuum suction cups for the lifting of any kind of slabs (marble, glass, wood, metal), according to the European Directives and marked CE;
  • Electronic dynamometers for the weighing, which can be applied to the hook of the crane.
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Lifting Accessories Catalogue

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