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Bilancini di sollevamento carica container con lastra di marco


Our products are the result of an accurate design and an experience which comes from over forty years of work in this branch. Our technical office is at the disposal of the customer for the design of cranes and to satisfy any requirement.

Manutenzione gru e carriponte Verona

Maintenance and Installation

We offer a service for assistance, testing and maintenance which insures over the time the full efficiency and safety of your equipment, the risk of machine stops is reduced to a minimum. We make ordinary and extraordinary maintenance jobs.

Furgone per manutenzione e assistenza gru Venturini Service

Services and Consultancy

We offer specialized consultancy to keep the equipment up to date to current regulations, to work in safety and to prevent problems which could arise in the future and are unavoidable with this kind of machines.

Do you need maintenance for your overhead crane?

Contact us! Our technical office is at the disposal of the customer for any kind of technical information or quote.
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Our Partners

OMIS – Centro Assistenza Autorizzato
MISIA – Paranchi Elettrici a Fune
Fas – Funi e attrezzature per il sollevamento
Elca – Radiocomandi